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Here's an alternative to the incredibly expensive
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Franchise Alternatives

I stumbled across this guy's YouTube videos -- offering instruction in how to start a painting business.

Much of it sounds similar to what I heard from CertaPro -- but a helluva lot cheaper!

I don't make any money off of this -- I mention it simply to demonstrate that there ARE alternatives to risking the loss of $150,000 or more.

Here's his YouTube channel (you'll have to cut and past the URL)

And here's his website:

Disclaimer: I do not promote or endorse this service, website, or videos. I mention it here simply to demonstrate there are alternatives other than risking your life savings on a franchise that may quite likely end up making you go broke.

You can also go to a search engine and search for "Start a painting business" to find numerous other offers.

Paint Talk Forum:

You can also gain some insight into the painting business by visiting the painting forum at PaintTalk.com

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