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"CertaPro Painters Franchise: Selling dreams that become nightmares"      

CertaPro Franchise Failures:
Where Are They Now?


Former CertaPro Franchisees


Don't believe the marketing hype.
Believe the reality.
Failed CertaPro Franchisees
Hundreds of Certapro franchisees: Gone
A History Of Franchise Failures (Many Failures)

High Failure Rate:

It appears the CertaPro Painters franchise has an abysmal failure rate.

It can result in the loss of your life savings, bankruptcy, and severe emotional distress.

CertaPro Complaints Here's more about the CertaPro franchise failure rate

The CertaPro Painting Franchise:
Are You Prepared To Gamble Your Life Savings
On A Low-Odds Bet?

Are You Willing To Gamble
As Much As $150,00 (or more)
With These Odds?
CertaPro: Are the odds in your favor?

10-year CertaPro franchise agreement?

$150,000, $200,000 or more of your money?

A franchise with an abysmal success rate?

Caveat emptor: You stand to lose everything.

Yes, somebody is guaranteed to make money
if you buy a CertaPro Painters franchise.

But it sure ain't you.

At least if you drop $150,000 in Vegas they may give you a free room, a meal and drinks. And they won't hound you to pay them more than you lost.

If you decide to buy a CertaPro Painters franchise, I recommend you first check with your parents to ensure they'll let you move back in with them.

Is A Painting Franchise "Recession Proof"?

Here's an actual example:
painting franchise recession proof

"Believe the reality, not the hype"
How Much Does A CertaPro Franchisee Make?
Invest $100,000 to $150,000
Buy Yourself A Job That May Pay Less Than Minimum Wage:
How does $7.21 per hour sound? certapro

Running your own business usually means working long hours, especially in the early years.

How much does a CertaPro Painters franchisee make?
If you work 60 hours per week, maybe $7.21 per hour.

(Federal minimum wage: $7.25 per hour.)

Click here for more info.

You, Too, Can Become An Indentured Slave To CertaPro!

Once that minimum franchise fee kicks in, a franchisee might find himself scrambling to try to make the minimum annual sales requirement.

If you don't make the minimum, you still have to pay the minimum franchise fee.

I've seen independent painters complain online about being underbid by CertaPro. Think about that! They don't pay the 8% to a franchisor that a CertaPro franchisee pays. Yet they were still underbid by a CertaPro franchisee! That could very well mean the CertaPro franchisee is desperate for work and has to sell paint jobs cheap!

When you've got that minimum annual sales requirement hovering over your head, you might very well drop your price (and profit) just to get the work.

CertaPro is guaranteed to make money.
You are not.

See The Shocking Facts For Yourself!

About CertaPro Painters Franchise:
CertaPro Sucks

Their marketing wants you to believe you can build a million-dollar business in a few years.

You might also win $20 million in the lottery in a few years.

My estimate: at least 1/3 of CertaPro's U.S. franchisees fail within the first two years.
In fact, I suspect it is substantially more.



Marketing: All Those YouTube Videos:
CertaPro has loaded up YouTube with numerous videos, some of them by franchisees who sing the praises of CertaPro. Some of those franchisees may be relatively new and haven't yet experienced their trial by fire. They may be gone in a few years.

CertaPro Franchise Sucks "National Painting Company"?

Well, not really.
"Each franchise is independently owned and operated".

Certa ProPainters Ltd. isn't really a painting company.
It sells franchises.
It doesn't do any painting.
It doesn't run even one of its own franchises.
It just sells franchises.

If other franchisees get complaints, that "National Painting Company" claim may actually be a liability. Because many of those complaints simply say "CertaPro" (they may not name the specific franchisee).

CertaPro Complaints   See some of those customer complaints

"National Painting Company":
The Double-Edged Sword


CertaPro Painters Complaints When You Fail,
They WILL Demand the Money.

If their franchise "plan" is so great, why do they demand a minimum franchise fee?

If their "plan" works, you should make money and pay royalty fees.
Everybody wins.

That's apparently not good enough for them: There are minimum franchise fees. Even if you don't make the "minimum" sales, they probably will demand the minimum franchise fee.

If their plan was as successful as they might like you to believe,
they wouldn't have to have "minimum" franchise fees.

Don't they have confidence in their "plan"?

Why should you?

If you fall short of CertaPro's minimum annual sales requirement (and many CertaPro franchisees do), you will still be expected to pay them the money. This minimum franchise fee can be the final nail in the coffin for a struggling franchisee.

Click here to see CertaPro's demand letter to a failing franchisee...
...and to learn a little about what happens to too many CertaPro victims.

"Yeah, but they've got so many franchises. Doesn't that indicate the franchise is a success?"


It's called "churn".


CertaPro Franchise Failure


CertaPro Lawsuits And When A Franchisee
Goes Broke And Wants Out?

A number of franchisees who realized this franchise was a mistake have tried to get out of it.

What happens?

Sometimes it means a lawsuit.

Click here to view a few of the court filings.

Are There Alternatives?

Do you REALLY want to be a painting contractor?
Or are you more attracted to the get-rich-and-run-your-own-business hype?

If you REALLY want to be a painting contractor, consider this:

1. Find a painting contractor, maybe one who's retired, to teach you.
2. Contact paint company reps (Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.)
    to ask them if they can provide guidance.
3. There are painting forums online. Check them out.
4. Check out the website PDCA.org (Painting and Decorating Contractors
    of America). They have a lot of training material available.
5. Buy an established, profitable, painting company.

If you're interested in starting a business but don't know what:

1. Contact the Small Business Administration (SBA).

    Web site for small business startup info.
    The site includes some online assessments ("Are you ready to
    start a small business?", etc.)
    The SBA can help provide you guidance and maybe even a
2. Do some online research to see what areas are expected to
    grow (e.g., assistance for the elderly). Then decide if you are
    interested in any of those areas. Again, the SBA, or perhaps a
    local community college, can provide some guidance.

3. Search the web for startup consultants. Personal story:
    Before I made the mistake of buying a CertaPro franchise, I was
    considering opening a coffee shop. Searching the web, I found a
    retired  coffee shop owner in Seattle who helped people start up
    coffee shops. His charge would have been in the range of
    $10,00-$20,000 as I recall. That included planning, assisting with
    equipment selection, business guidance and assistance on-site
    for the first week or two. MUCH less expensive than buying a
    franchise and you still get expert guidance.

My personal opinion: Stay away from "franchise consultants".
There are many "franchise consultants" out there who say they will match you to the franchise best for you. The "franchise consultant" may charge you nothing. In fact many of these "consultants" may get as much as 50% of the franchise fee. Their primary interest (making money) may not be the same as yours, and they may direct you to whatever pays them the most. I recommend you avoid "free franchise consultants".


CertaPro Lies

It has come to my attention that at least one person at CertaPro Painters may have accused me of extortion, claiming that the reason I established this site was to get money from CertaPro.


What can CertaPro say in defense of what I offer about CertaPro?
Well, they certainly can't admit it's true.
So it appears they may have decided their best defense is to to defame me (
"Kill the messenger").

This is reprehensible.

Here is the letter I have sent to Charlie Chase at CertaPro Painters, demanding that CertaPro not accuse me of extortion.

Charlie's reply
My response
Charlie didn't want to talk to me when I was failing

Honest to God, I don't know how those people can sleep at night.

Nasty People!

It appears SOMEBODY is not happy with my telling others about the CertaPro Painters franchise.

Someone posted a youtube video which contained lies about the publisher of this site (it has been removed). If you can't attack the message, attack the messenger.



In my opinion, CertaPro Painters is a Bernie Madoff of franchisors:
Lead them to believe they're going to make lots of money.
Take their money.
Leave them broke

I believe the vast majority, perhaps
70%, 80% or even 90% of all CertaPro franchises, fail.

CertaPro Painters

Oh, and that
"Work ON the business,
not in the business
" bullshit?

This could very well be you,
as you find yourself becoming
financially destitute.

CertaPro Franchisee
Who's To Blame?

CertaPro Franchise Failures E-mail From A
CertaPro Franchisee:

A current franchisee sent me an e-mail which included this:

"You blamed CPP for things you didn't know or things you didn't do. You hired a bad painter and blamed CPP. You didn't make the money you wanted, but never thought to share where you overspent or made bad choices."

His e-mail and my reply.  

Watch The Videos:


More CertaPro Franchise Sucks Videos

CertaPro Painters Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
You can download CertaPro Painters' FDD at the California Department of Corporations website.
  Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), 2011
  A look at some numbers from the FDD:

CertaPro Painters Franchise Agreement
You can download CertaPro Painters'Franchise Agreement at the California Department of Corporations website:
  Certapro Painters franchise Agreement
 About This Website:

This site was established by a former CertaPro Painters fanchisee,
to inform the public regarding the CertaPro franchise "opportunity".

My purchase of a CertaPro franchise was the worst and most costly decision of my life. I believe there may be hundreds of other former CertaPro franchisees who share that experience and view. I've heard some of the others' stories.

I believe the vast majority of those who buy a CertaPro franchise risk losing as much as $150,000 or more within a few years and ending up emotionally distressed, saddled with debt or forced into bankruptcy, faced with demands from CertaPro for more money or finding themselves sued by CertaPro.

In my opinion, CertaPro's deceptive marketing, combined with its actions which serve to hide information about the many failures, represents an intentional effort to deceive and misrepresent. I believe they must KNOW they are making money at the expense of others and that most new franchisees are probably destined to fail.

Potential victims of CertaPro's actions should know about the dark side of the CertaPro franchise.

I believe CertaPro's motto should be: "We put the pain in painting".

CertaPro video  

CertaPro complaints: CertaPro is a client of Aviatech, which provides "Reputation Management" services. What does that mean? Essentially, it means "bury the complaints".
read more here and watch the video


Let's look at some of the myths you may be led to believe
about a CertaPro franchise:

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CertaPro Painters Franchise


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