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A CertaPro Franchisee Wants Out
And Gets Sued

When a franchisee falls, it's often a pretty hard fall.

You've invested a lot of money, probably your life savings.
You've probably borrowed a lot of money.

They TOLD you it would work, and you KNOW that "success" is just around the cormer...
...if you can only hang on.

Then you reach the end of the money and find yourself at the edge of the cliff.
CertaPro demands money.
You don't have it.

I believe that is the all-too-common CertaPro experience.

August, 2010:

The following relates to a CertaPro franchisee who is being sued by CertaPro.
Please read the following documents.
They demonstrate quite well what I believe is the culture of Certa ProPainters Ltd.

How the hell can these people sleep at night?

Following is a "Notice of Default" sent to a failing franchisee by CertaPro Painters:


The franchisee's reply to CertaPro's lawyer follows:

The franchisee's letter to neighboring franchisees follows:

CertaPro's response?
They filed a lawsuit in federal court,
seeking money and demanding his business be shut down.

"Shoulder to Shoulder" -- in federal court.

Honest to God, I don't know how these people can sleep at night.

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